Within the framework of the digital activities presented by the Foundation, at a time of unexpected and grievous health events – which effected all social classes and ages – children, as was to be expected, received special care and attention.

We made an open call for them to rouse their imagination, overcoming the lazy inertia of home confinement and to paint, without conditions and restraints, completely freely, the subjects that came to their attention.

The result lived up to our expectations: 252 children responded to the invitation. All works were posted on the Foundation's website and were accessible to the public.

The breadth of the children’s imagination, their methods of artistic expression, the media through which they expressed themselves, the aesthetic delight they provoked, led us to think of organizing an exhibition with norms and criteria usually reserved for museum events and with the corresponding exhibition infrastructure. As such, we have gladly provided the Museum’s temporary exhibition space where we will be happy to welcome the young, talented artists with their families and friends, thank them for the surprises they held in store for us, congratulate them and encourage their future achievements. A visit to this tribute will be a journey through children’s imagination and an experience of social distancing, as this was expressed through childhood imaginary perception and creativity. What we will come away with is children’s instinct and their pertinent view of events that all of us, young and old, have experienced in the vortex of pandemic anxiety.