Since 1986 the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation has been funding scholarships every year for post-graduate studies abroad on subjects related to art, for students up to 30 years old possessing Greek nationality. Four subjects are set each year and scholarships have so far been given for the following subjects:

Administration and Management of Cultural Foundations
Advertising and Promotion of Cultural Goods
Art History
Art Journalism
Art Law
Artistic Bookbinding
Computer Science in Art Education
Conservation of Books and Documents
Conservation of Carpets and Textiles
Conservation of Microfilms, Films, etc.
Cultural Communications
Cultural Technology
Dance and Choreography
Development and Organisation of Film Libraries
Directing for Documentaries
Economics and Art
Environmental Urban Planning
Exhibition Design
Fine Arts Conservation
Landscape Architecture
Library Science - Archival Science
Library Science (six months practice at the new National Library of France)
(Practical work in a large library abroad)
Lighting of Spaces and Art Exhibitions Education in Art Aesthetics
Material and the Immaterial in Art
(Practical work in a large museum abroad)
Multimedia Design
Multimedia and Museums
Museum Architecture
Museum Education
Perspectives for Cultural Collaboration between the Balkan Countries:
1. Historic Bridgings: Yesterday and Tomorrow
2. Cultural Perspectives and Collaborations
3. Shared Cultural Traditions
Scenery Design
Science and Art (Biogenetics in Art)
Set Design
Television Aesthetics
Translation Specialising in Subject Matters Related to Art
Virtual Reality / Virtual Image in Cinema and Television
Visual Arts and Legislation within a Unified Europe