What is a city, other than its streets and squares?

A city is made up of experiences, feelings and the endless words that surround us: posters, advertisements, symbols, signs with directions and names.

At the B&E Goulandris Foundation, the work of one of the most important sculptors worldwide – known as Chryssa – becomes the starting point for the workshop A word for my City!, where children aged 6 to 8 discover the sculptures of Chryssa Vardea and their relationship with letters, writing and forms.

Drawing her inspiration from big city life, Chryssa created large-sized works that play with light, shadows and words. Using a font made especially for this workshop, the children choose a word that is important to them and then create their own sculpture, a word/city, exploring the different ways of folding paper.

A word for my City!

Workshop for children aged 6-8

Concept: Vicky Christaki
Implementation: Vicky Christaki, Ioanna Koutsouki, Ioulia Marousi, Maria Mitsouli

Every Saturday, from 29/04 to 10/06 | 12.30-14.00

Venue: Children’s Workshop

Number of participants: Up to 12 children

Cost of participation: 12€
Cost of participation for Young and Family Members: 9.60€

* Children taking part in the workshop are advised to be at the Museum 10’ before the workshop starts.

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Children’s Workshop

29/04/2023 - 10/06/2023 | Every Saturday, 12.30-14.00