New series: December 08 & 15 (17.30-19.45) and December 17 (15.30-17.45).

The B&E Goulandris Foundation, in collaboration with ceramist Elpida Kourtzi, is organising a pottery workshop for adults and teens (15+) titled “From antiquity to contemporary art!”, that takes place in three parts: The new series will take place on December 8, 15 and 17.

Pottery is the perfect opportunity for new experiments! Drawing inspiration from Jackson Pollock’s techniques as well as the perceptions and ideas reflected in his work, and from Pablo Picasso who disregarded the rules of ceramics, we will create our own, unique pottery. From Pollock to Picasso and back to the ancient art of pottery, we will have the opportunity to discover all the possibilities that such a primitive material provides in terms of creation.

Following the completion of all three parts participants will take home their own pottery, baked, glazed and gift-wrapped.

  • In the first part, following a short introduction to the ancient art of pottery participants will be introduced to the world of Neriage: they will blend pigments with clay, creating different tonal variations which they will merge with colorless clay to create a lump with water effects and shades of blue and/or yellow. They will then use their colorful dough to make plates and bowls, while observing the different colours on their pieces of clay.

  • In the second part, participants will learn the glazing technique and how to use coloured glazes. Drawing inspiration from the works of Jackson Pollock, they will use the drip technique and will subsequently glaze their pottery.

  • In the third part, participants will apply with a brush 24-K gold lustre on their finished products.

Pottery workshop: From antiquity to contemporary art!

3-part workshop for adults and teens (15+) with ceramist Elpida Kourtzi

Series Α: 03/11, 10/11, 24/11 (17.30-19.45),
Series Β: 05/11, 19/11, 26/11
Series C: 08/12, 15/12
(17.30-19.45), 17/12 (15.30-17.45)

Number of participants: Up to 10 persons per group

Cost of participation for the 3 days: 120€
Cost of participation for B&E Members: 96€

Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation, Athens
13 Eratosthenous str., Athens 116 35, Greece. Τ. +30 210 72 52 895, F. +30 210 72 35 467, E.
Series A: 03, 10, 24/11, Series B: 05, 19, 26/11, Series C: 08, 15, 17/12