The shapes of Wassily Kandinsky’s work “Both Striped” unlock the imagination and speak the so-called “soul language”.

Could they be fish playing in the blue waters of an endless sea or two boats sailing in the ocean, as we gaze over them?

At the B&E Goulandris Foundation’s creative workshop Games in the air!, for children aged 5 and 6, Kandinsky’s shapes and colours come alive in a new dimension, seeking “Balance” just like Jean Helion, and a new dialogue develops in the air. Using a two-dimensional work of art as a starting point, children learn how to create a playful, moving sculpture that interacts with the environment and reveals different dancing moves, depending on the wind.

Games in the air!

Workshop for children aged 5-6

Concept: Ioanna Koutsouki
Implementation: Ioanna Koutsouki, Ioulia Marousi, Maria Mitsouli, Vicky Christaki

The workshop takes place in Greek

Days and times: Every Saturday to April 08 | 10.30-11.30
Venue: Children’s Workshop
Number of participants: 12

Cost of participation: 12€
Cost of participation for Family and Young Members
: 9.60€

* The cost of participation concerns one child only.

** Children taking part in the workshops are advised to be at the Museum 15’ before the scheduled start time.

*** Parents cannot stay with their children during the workshop. They may remain in the Museum if they wish so and enjoy a drink/snack at the Café-Restaurant or visit the exhibition areas (please keep in mind that neither is included in the cost of participation).

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Children’s Workshop

14/01/2023 - 08/04/2023 | Every Saturday, 10.30-11.30