Is it possible to find stories that “unlock” different periods in Art inside images?

The Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation, as part of the tribute exhibition "Photis Kontoglou and His Influence on the Younger Generation", presents a creative workshop for children aged 8 to 12 that focuses on portraits.

The face of Nikos Engonopoulos turns into a portrait by his teacher, Photis Kontoglou, and then he responds with a caricature of himself. The multidimensional features of images motivate children to discover the similarities and differences between the two portraits, the ways of depicting facial traits and the techniques used by each artist in different periods of Art.

At the “Two Portraits, One Click” workshop children learn how to make their own, alternative portrait, by discovering the endless possibilities that photography and printing offer. Hence, the deconstruction of the face leads to a different kind of composition, consisting of eerie creatures as well as bright colours and shapes.

Two Portraits, One Click

Concept: Ioanna Koutsouki
Implementation: Vicky Christaki, Ioanna Koutsouki, Ioulia Marousi

The workshop takes place in Greek

For children aged 8-12
Every Sunday, through 18/12 | 12.30-14.00
Up to 12 participants

Duration: 90’
Venue: Children’s Workshop

Cost of participation: €12
Cost of participation for Family Members: €9.60

* The cost of participation concerns one child only.

** Children taking part in the workshops are advised to be at the Museum 15’ before the scheduled start time.

*** Parents cannot stay with their children during the workshop. They may remain in the Museum if they wish so and enjoy a drink/snack at the Café-Restaurant or visit the exhibition areas (please keep in mind that neither is included in the cost of participation).

Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation, Athens
13 Eratosthenous str., Athens 116 35, Greece. Τ. +30 210 72 52 895, F. +30 210 72 35 467, E.

Παιδικό Εργαστήριο

25/09/2022 - 18/12/2022 | Every Sunday, 12.30-14.00