George Zongolopoulos

Interminable Plenitude in the Vastness of Abstraction

19.06 - 25.09 2016

In the summer of 2016, the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation organised and presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Andros a retrospective exhibition of the work of a distinguished sculptor, the late George Zongolopoulos (1903-2004).

Although an accomplished handler of the brush and stylus, he bestowed himself to sculpture with an incessant passion, enthusiasm and dedication that brought universal recognition and established him as one of the most important sculptors in Modern Greek art.

Yet another retrospective of Zongolopoulos’ work would be of reduced significance and amount to an extraneous effort unless its stated purpose was to expand the interpretational horizon by highlighting elements of a dialectic developed with novel personal expressive codes which allow for a more flexible interpretative approach of the ‘absolute’ which George Zongolopoulos served with mathematical oestrus and theoretical scholarship.

The retrospective was starting with his early youthful period, characterized by impressively realistic drawing skills, continuing with a phase of suggestive faithfulness to the object and reaching the long period of the absolute rejection of realistic references. This was the beginning of a period of redefinition of positions and principles that produced a dialectic dictated by the need to search for new possibilities as these were imposed by modern technology and a new social reality.

Emphasis, as expected, was placed on his abstract period of free compositions, two-dimensional reliefs, magnifying refractor lenses and umbrellas, hydrokinetic constructions, models and photographs of monumental structures for public spaces.

Every aspect of the exhibition was supplemented by well-researched texts written by people with a deep knowledge of the work included in a bilingual, 290-page catalogue which also contains reproductions of all 107 works on display.

Works from the exhibition

Exhibition Catalog

George Zongolopoulos, Interminable Plenitude in the Vastness of Abstraction

2016 Exhibition Catalogue

  • Kyriakos Koutsomallis, Nikos Paissios, Angelos Moretis, Nikos Vatopoulos, Marie Koutsomallis-Moreau, Maro Kardamitsi-Adami, Irene Stratis,
  • Published


Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation - George Zongolopoulos Foundation Co-ordination
Kyriakos Koutsomallis Director - Curator of the Exhibition
Alexandra Papakostopoulou Administrative Secretary
ELIX - Andreas Georgiadis, Paraskevi Gerolymatou Exhibition Graphics and Labelling
Mikri Arktos Public Relations and Communications Department
Irene Stratis Education Programmes - Guided Tours
Viviane Koutsomallis Legal Council
Kelly Skaftourou, Harry Massouras Finance Manager
Vangelis Panagiotarakos Network Manager
Leonidas Issaris Art-store Manager
Sotiris Piperas Security Services
Michalis Salonikis Facilities Manager
Orphée Beinoglou Transport of Works
Karavias Underwriting Agency Insurance
Chris Doulgeris, Angelos Moretis, Elias Georgouleas, Thalia Kympari, Fotini Myra, Yvonne Theodoridis, Yannis & Odysseas Vaharidis Photographers

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