Y. Moralis


29.06 - 28.09 2008

In the summer of 2008, Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation presented a tribute dedicated to the celebrated Greek painter Yannis Moralis (1916-2009).

The exhibition featured oil paintings, drawings and sculptures, selected by the artist himself and belonged to public and private collections. The structure of the exhibition was following a retrospective approach. It was aiming to offer visitors the opportunity to trace the course of a work that is impressive in terms of plasticity and density of meaning; a work that developed from what was an idiosyncratic version of post-impressionistic realism – with an emphasis on portraiture – to abstraction governed by a geometric logic that would acquire momentum over time.

The tribute offered an overview of Y. Moralis’ creative activity, which has yielded an intensely eloquent visual work, stretching over a long period of time and constituting a major chapter in the historiography not only of Greek but also of international art. And this because, though true to his Mediterranean sensibility, Y. Moralis constantly referred to the humanist tradition that was at the heart of his schooling and managed to transcend, through his art, the boundaries of his own place. His proposals are a synthesis of old and new, at the same time as they dynamically open themselves to the groundbreaking developments occurring within the seminal art movement of Modernism.

His visual language established him as one of the leading masters of our contemporary iconographic culture, as it apparently responded first and foremost to demands raised by his own sense of creative time.

And yet, despite the immeasurable value of his work in painting, despite all that he generously offered as friend and instructor to many of our acclaimed contemporary Greek painters, despite his crucial contribution in revitalizing the painting of his time, Y. Moralis has always been a modest man.

With equal modesty the exhibition in Andros tried to provide the opportunity for a renewed reading of his work, revealing the virtues that have rightfully established him as one of the classics of both the previous and current century.

The exhibition was accompanied by a scholarly edition featuring all exhibited works. Its character is that of a reference work, since apart from biographical and bibliographical information and data about the artist’s exhibition history, it includes descriptions by the painter himself of the specific circumstances in which each of the works was created.

The exhibition was curated by Mr. Kyriakos Koutsomallis, with the assistance of Margarita Kataga and the invaluable contribution of Peggy and Daphne Zoumboulakis and of Mr. Nikos Paisios, who proposed and transcribed the recordings of the artist’s narrations.

Works from the exhibition

Exhibition Catalog

Y. Moralis, Traces

2008 Exhibition Catalogue

  • Kyriakos Koutsomallis, Nikos Paissios,
  • Published


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