Alberto Giacometti (1901 - 1966)

Intérieur avec coffre et panier de bois

Interior with Trunk and Basket with Wood
    Pencil on paper
50 × 32.2 cm
Signatures and Inscriptions
Signed and dated ΄Alberto Giacometti 1955΄ (lower right)
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In Giacometti’s work, drawing plays the same significant part as sculpture and painting. In no case should it be considered a preparatory technique, that the artist used only as an early stage of the design. Instead, it was an additional means of expressing whatever moved him and wanted to reproduce. On the other hand, Giacometti has never shown preference for one subject over another. This may explain the fact that many of his works have extremely simple themes. And this is especially true for the Interior with Trunk and Basket with Wood.

Created probably in Stampa during the artist’s annual visit to his family home, this work with the completely elementary theme gives us the opportunity to analyze Giacometti’s work in perspective. With just a few strokes, it gives an impression of depth, indicating the lines of the ground and the opening of a door. Near the storage trunk, designed like a rectangle, the wooden basket dominates, elaborated in great detail. The artist seems to be particularly interested in the pile of firewood. While the rest of the composition is completely realistic and faithful to the proportions, the pieces of wood appear as cubist shapes, alternating between circles, squares, and triangles. Emphasizing on a different style, combined with the significant dimensions of the paper, makes the drawing a completed work, simple of course, but perfectly worked.

Alberto Giacometti
(1901 - 1966)
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Stampa, Graubünden, Switzerland, 1901
Chur, Switzerland, 1966