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Marie Koutsomallis-Moreau

Nikos Engonopoulos, With the Colours of the Word and the Word of Colours

2017 Exhibition Catalogue

Bilingual edition (Greek, English)

Published by Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation

Catalogue of the exhibition Nikos Engonopoulos, With the Colours of the Word and the Word of Colours held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Andros of the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation from 25 June to 1 October 2017.

Nikos Engonopoulos was a painter, a poet and a professor at the National Technical University. Three areas of activity, separated to some extent, but which enriched one another thanks to a prevailing common denominator: Engonopoulos’ immense, diverse and insatiable - over time – broad and wide-ranging education.

The aim of this dedicated exhibition was to highlight this manifold activity and the undisputed talent he demonstrated in everything he became involved in.

Colour reproductions of all 110 works that were presented in the exhibition are included in this bilingual catalogue (Greek, English), accompanied by well-researched texts, written by people with a deep knowledge of Engonopoulos’ work, as well as poems of the artist.

Essays have been contributed by:
- Kyriakos Koutsomallis, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation
- Marie Koutsomallis-Moreau, Head of Collection, Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation
- Sotiris Sorogas, Painter - Emeritus Professor at the National Technical University of Athens
- Thanassis Hatzopoulos, Poet - Psychoanalyst
- Katerina Perpinioti-Agazir, Art Historian

*Bilingual edition (Greek, English)

Marie Koutsomallis-Moreau
Kyriakos Koutsomallis, Marie Koutsomallis-Moreau, Sotiris Sorogas, Thanassis Hatzopoulos, Katerina Perpinioti-Agazir
Research Assistant
Yannis Ketipidis
Klio Panourgias, Effie Koromila, Andrea Schroth
Translation of Poems
David Conolly
Editing and Proof Reading
Panagiota Karagianni
Catalogue Design and Printing
Mikri Arktos
Chris Doulgeris


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Greek, English
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31.7 x 23.6 x 2.7 cm


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