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Jean Clair , Kyriakos Koutsomallis

Ο Picasso και η Ελλάδα

2004 Exhibition Catalogue

Edition in Greek

Published by Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation

Catalogue of the exhibition Picasso and Greece held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Andros of the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation from 27 June to 26 September 2004.

The exhibition presented a total of 116 works (oil paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and prints) by Pablo Picasso, juxtaposed with 10 Greek antiquities (statuettes, reliefs, vases and ceramics) from the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, in order to demonstrate the artist's Greek influences.

Colour reproductions of all the works are included in this particularly meticulous and informative catalogue, accompanied by a detailed illustrated chronology and bibliography.

Essays contributed by:
- Jean Clair, Member of the Academy of France - Former Director of the Picasso Museum
- Elisabeth Cowling, Reader in History of Art at the University of Edinburgh
- Alain Pasquier, Curator in charge of the Department of Greek Antiquities at the Louvre, Paris
- Patrice Triboux, Curator in charge of Documentation and Research at the Picasso Museum, Paris
- Niki Loizidi, Professor of History of Art
- Alexandre Farnoux, Professor of Greek Archaeology at the University Paris IV– La Sorbonne
- Kyriakos Koutsomallis, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation

*Edition in Greek

Jean Clair, Kyriakos Koutsomallis
Kyriakos Koutsomallis, Jean Clair, Elizabeth Cowling, Alain Pasquier, Patrice Triboux, Niki Loizidi, Alexandre Farnoux
Catalogue Editorial Supervision and Coordination
Kyriakos Koutsomallis, Polina Kosmadaki, Carolina Doriti
Translations from English
Dimitris Saltabassis
Translations from French
Eugenia Tselentis
Editing and Proof Reading
Vassiliki Kosmadaki, Aphrodite Economidou
Artistic Conception and Catalogue Printing
Umberto Allemandi & C.
Editorial Coordination for the Publisher
Harriet Graham
Carlo Nepote


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